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[Production Year:1942]: Lord Mountbatten hajóját német torpedó találja el. A film a legénység bátor magatartását eleveníti fel a második világháború véres napjaiból. David Leannek ez volt az első társrendezői jelentkezése a neves író, rendező és színész, Noel Coward oldalán. Coward maga Oscar-díjat kapott a film produceri munkálataiért… The film opens with the narration: “This is the story of a ship”. In 1941, HMS Torrin engages German transports in a night-time action during the Battle of Crete. But at dawn, the destroyer comes under attack from German bombers. A critical hit forces the crew to abandon ship as it rapidly capsizes. Some of the officers and ratings manage to find a Carley float while being intermittently strafed by passing German planes.

In flashback, the ship’s story is told using their memories. The first person to reveal his thoughts is Captain Kinross, who recalls the summer of 1939 when the Torrin is being rushed into commission as the possibility of war becomes a near certainty. The ship spends a quiet Christmas in the north of Scotland during the Phoney War. But in 1940, the Torrin fights its first engagement during the Battle of Narvik. During the action, the ship is struck by a torpedo. The damaged Torrin is towed back to port, all the time being harried by dive bombers…

Lassú internet, illetve nagyobb videónál előfordulhat, hogy a videóra másodpercet (esetleg egy kicsivel többet) is várnod kell, indítás után!..

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