Too Late for Tears

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Production Year: [1949]: Jane and Alan Palmer fortuitously come into possession of a bag filled with cash. They check the bag into Union Station while they determine whether to keep it or turn it over to the authorities. Danny Fuller appears at the Palmer apartment while Alan is at work, asks Jane about the money, and threatens her. Jane agrees to split the money with Danny, kills Alan, and threatens to blackmail Danny unless he helps her cover up the murder. Soon, Jane faces not only her mistrust of Danny, but also inquiries from Alan’s sister, Kathy, and a stranger named Don Blake who suddenly appears claiming to be Alan’s old Army buddy. Don and Kathy become attracted to each other.

Jane eventually claims the money bag and locates Danny who tells her the money is a blackmail payoff for an insurance scam. Jane kills Danny and flees to Mexico with the money. Don finds Jane in a hotel room and reveals he is the brother of her first husband, Bob, and suspects her of his “suicide.” The police rush into the room and Jane accidentally falls off the balcony to her death. Don finds Kathy in the hotel lobby and it is revealed they are now married and will shorten their honeymoon to return

Kiemelten ajánlott idegen nyelvet tanuló, a klasszikus film kedvelőinek! Sok nyelvet tanuló emberke hozzá szokott a szinkronizált filmekhez. A célom, hogy az élmény mellett használható angol tudást tudjatok szerezni.

Lassú internet, illetve nagyobb videónál előfordulhat, hogy a videóra másodpercet (esetleg egy kicsivel többet) is várnod kell, indítás után!..

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