Cool Kids Don’t Cry

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Cool Kids Don’t Cry

LoveDR_logo_trans_325dr„Cool Kids Don’t Cry – Magyar cím: A nyolcadikosok nem sírnak – Menő gyerekek ne sírjatok!” Akkie egy aranyos lány, aki imád focizni és nem hagyja, hogy a fiúk kötekedjenek vele. Egy nap azonban leukémiát diagnosztizálnak nála, és küzdenie kell az életéért… „Synopsis” Akkie (Hanna Obbeek) is an 8th grader that absolutely adores soccer and can’t wait until the school tournament at the end of the year. Her classmate Joep (Nils Verkooijen) makes fun of her for this in the hopes of catching her attention, as he has a crush on Akkie. Things take a turn for the tragic when Akkie discovers that she has leukemia. Despite this, Akkie tries to keep herself busy by helping to prepare for the upcoming soccer tournament.

Her friends are supportive, but Akkie grows despondent when she has to spend several days in the hospital. Akkie grows progressively weaker until one day she finds that she cannot play with her classmates as she once did, making it necessary for Joep to discreetly help cover for her when she climbs a tree and can’t climb down on her own…

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