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Válaszút előtt

Phillip Fielder, a hirdetési igazgató kizárólag magával törődik. Nővére halálakor azonban új feladat szakad a nyakába: vállalnia kell a pótapai szerepet autista, nyolc éves unokaöccse felett. Philip olyan döntés meghozatalára kényszerül, mely szerettei életét is megváltoztathatja… / Philip Fielder is a workaholic and a bit OCD when it comes to cleanliness and order, which may explain why he is still single despite his neighbour Holly being fond of him. But when his sister dies in a road accident he finds himself legal guardian of his nephew, Zach, and unsurprisingly struggles with suddenly having to be a parent to an 8 year old boy, who is autistic, whilst also trying to do his job in advertising. But with his Aunt Rose offering to take Zach off his hands Philip has a choice to make: whether he can care for Zach or not? Or will it come down to how much he has grown fond of his nephew in the few short days they have spent together?

Fielder\'s Choice

So there is a strong case of deja vu going on with “Fielder’s Choice” as the storyline focuses on Uncle Philip finding himself the legal guardian of Zach when the boy’s mother dies. As such there is a lot of familiarity as we watch the workaholic and single Philip suddenly thrown into the world of fatherhood and finding it more than a little difficult let alone frustrating. It does embellish this slightly as Philip is a bit OCD when it comes to neatness and order whilst Zach is autistic and as such has his own way of doing things which Philip needs to adjust to. And these little additions such as Zach having a set weekly menu to Philip putting his pens away in a certain way add both something more as well as a touch of comedy to what is familiar in the movie…

Lassú internet, illetve nagyobb videónál előfordulhat, hogy a videóra másodpercet (esetleg egy kicsivel többet) is várnod kell, indítás után!..

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